Mobilizing Praise in Mansfield, Texas

It was our second Praise & Harmony Workshop in Mansfield, Texas, building upon the momentum of the previous year’s weekend experience.  Here are some of the many things that the Mansfield Church covered very well:

1. The church mobilized all their members to understand the value of participation.

2. Through singing classes, the Mansfield Church taught the new (assigned) songs with an emphasis on how to sing harmony (including beginners), utilizing the training CDs for daily reinforcement.

3. Preparation for the Praise & Harmony Workshop was taken seriously.

4. The singing moved seamlessly from unison to harmony.

5. Tempos and dynamics were varied throughout the session with the aid of musical directing.

6. Emphasis was placed upon singing with passion.

7. Medleys were planned to flow from song to song.

            Video: “YOU ARE THE ONE FOR ME”

This is a great song to introduce beginners to ear-training; especially those who have never attempted to sing harmony before. Those who learn to sing alto, tenor or bass for one short, simple section of this song, will quickly master the entire song.  The words change with each verse, but the music remains the same — other than the unison-melody introduction.

In this video, the Mansfield Church flows directly from the song, “Lord Rein In Me,” into the Keith Green song, “You Are The One For Me.”   Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” – John 14:6

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