Lively Praise in Laurel, Maryland

The Laurel Church is certainly alive with praise as they prioritize worship and the introducing of new songs. No congregation that we have worked with through Praise & Harmony Workshops has learned more songs than this church.

Photo by Myron Harper
Photo by Myron Harper

“Some think singing is for singers.  Singing is for believers!” declared Michael Ray, preaching about the privilege that everyone can possess when they join the song of worship.

I’m always encouraged to work with the Laurel Church for so many reasons, including:

1. They don’t simply talk the talk, but they walk the walk when it comes to racial harmony.

2. Public reading of Scripture is taken seriously. For example, Kevin Caldwell read from Isaiah 53, barely composing his voice as his heart was broken by the message about the Lamb of God. This is a far cry from the way many churches approach public readings.

3. The church brings an obvious passion to worship and singing, as evidenced by the times I saw people video taping the congregational singing with their phone cameras.

Here is an example of a new song we worked on, “Jesus Rose With All Power.”

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  1. Kevin Caldwell

    Thanks for your encouraging words, Keith. As always, it was pleasure to have you and Sharon with us last weekend. Looking forward to seeing you again in November at Glen Rock and then at the recording in Plano.


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