The Beauty of A cappella Music

Countless times I’ve heard the question, “Aren’t you the group who prefers worship without music?”  

Without “music”?  I understand what they mean, but I’m reminded again of the incomparable beauty of vocal “music.” This common question makes me appreciate the repeated choice of words by an instrumentalist who was exposed to beautiful a cappella singing.

An organist for a local church attended one of our recent Praise & Harmony Workshops and sent an encouraging note to the host church. Here are some excerpts from the letter she sent, describing the weekend:

“I thanked God for giving me ears to hear such beautiful music.”

“I wish we would do more music without instruments.”

“I pray your church knows how special the music is . . .”

Praise & Harmony Workshop - Baytown, Texas
Praise & Harmony Workshop – Baytown, Texas

What are you doing to promote and encourage great singing (music)?  The organist continued by saying, ““I wish we would do more music without instruments, but it would take a lot of practice.”  How right she is!  She went on to say that she would pray for the church as they train the children.

Every worthwhile goal requires an investment and commitment. Do you believe that beautiful, participatory a cappella music is worth such an effort?

“Come we that love the Lord and let our joys be known;

Join in the song with sweet accord.”

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