The production process of a Praise & Harmony a cappella worship album is both tedious and time consuming. After combining the voices and multiple takes from the several-day recording session in the hot Texas summer, final edits and mixes require hours of studio work to complete. One of the final steps finds me going into to the studio to add a few “vocal step outs” to three or four of the 25 songs.

Today, I did just that for the Exalted God Album, the tenth release of the Praise & Harmony worship series. The volunteer singers invested countless hours in their “local” rehearsals all over the nation, before traveling to Lubbock for the actual recording. As I put on the headphones today and hear their stellar combination of voices, chills ran up and down my spine! I am so proud of these Praise & Harmony Singers who invest precious time and energy in making these recordings the best they can be.

As I consider where to add vocal “step outs,” I choose the minimalist approach of sparingly accenting this eclectic body of songs, chosen specifically for this congregational project. My goal is to blend seamlessly with, and hopefully enhance the beautiful tapestry of voices. Even though the final mix is still not ready, I wanted to assemble this snippet of what I’m being blessed to hear.

Exalted God is the tenth offering of the Praise & Harmony a cappella worship releases. What a milestone we celebrate! 250 songs are available to encourage and bless hearts through this Series. We know that some of you will want to bundle the entire collection of 10 CDs as a very special Christmas gift. So go ahead, make someone’s day and give the gift of pure vocal music — while supporting the Praise & Harmony ministry at the same time.  We are humbled to hear of this music literally going into all the world for the purpose of exalting Him. Glory to God!

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