Singing Cruise Vacation with Acappella featuring Cruiser’s Photos

My wife, Sharon and I love cruise vacations, and have sailed on and hosted many. However, my favorite cruises have always been the ones that include a large group of Christians. The fellowship is amazing! In fact, we have so much fun within our private party, which is a subgroup of a larger group of passengers on board, that other passengers often wonder why we are having so much fun! Non-believers are often puzzled by the way that our joy and fun exceeds theirs, while they search for joy through means we find inappropriate.
It’s a special treat to cruise with Christians from all over the world and to make new friends. From the beginning of the cruise, we host a meet and greet.  We also arrange dinner assignments so that guests can either choose to stay at the same table, or choose to have dinner with others from our group if desired. Here are some pictures taken by our group from the “Singing At Sea” vacation cruise earlier this year:

 First of all, we choose a Royal Caribbean ship, The Independence of the Seas, which is a destination in and of itself.

There are plenty of things to do on board, like miniature golf,
Plenty of dining options,
We plan the schedule of our private “Singing at Sea” group gatherings which include worship, singing and fellowship during times don’t conflict with major ship activities, so that everyone can also enjoy the ship’s entertainment — like the ice skating show. Can you believe this ship is so large that it sports an ice skating rink within the ship?  Professional skaters from around the world provide entertainment.
This ship is so large, there is a “mall” located through the middle of the ship, where the cruise staff host parades.
It is so large, you almost feel like you are outside.
But, our favorite part is all the fellowship with Christians from around the world. We plan ice-breaking activities to help people get to know others. The meal times are fabulous.
Russ Corley, minister of the Madison Church of Christ, Madison, Tennessee and director of Encouragement Ministries
leads a morning devotional in the ship’s chapel:
We enjoy lot of congregational singing.  We also enjoyed a cappella concerts from Messiah’s Men (Africa), Durant, and Acappella. Here is Acappella singing, shown from left to right (Anthony Lancaster, OC graduate, Gary Moyers, worship minister of Broadway church of Christ in Lubbock, George Pendergrass, Acappella lead singer, and Wes McKinzie, OC alum and staff.)
There is usually at least one formal night during dinner time.
In January 2016, everyone who traveled with us had the option to go to the prison in Belize where we provided a concert.
We packed an incredible amount of fun, worship, fellowship, singing and ministry into a 5 day “Singing Cruise” vacation.
Those who want to attend the Singing at Sea Cruise in January 2017 must register through The Acappella Company. Info here:

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