Don’t Miss This Amazing 2018 Singing Vacation

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In this picture, our “Singing at Sea” family is gathering for a group photo. As you can see in this mega ship, the promenade deck exudes the ambiance of an outdoor street with cafes and shops. While taking our group photo, we decided to break into song in this public area, as this video taken by one of our cruisers showcases:

Some of you may recognize Steve Maxwell who is leading worship at Winterfest this weekend. Steve “Harvey” Maxwell also hosted the hilarious “Acappella Family Feud” game show during our cruise vacation. You may also notice our 6 year old grandson in this video who is obviously enjoying the vibrant congregational singing. There are numerous activities for children available on our cruises.

This vacation provided a wonderful opportunity for people to fellowship with Acappella vocalists and hear their personal stories. Our evening dining assignments included “round robin” style seating which allowed our group to enjoy meals with different people each day to make new friends.

Although there have been quite a number of Acappella cruises, this year was the very first time that Acappella had the opportunity to sing (beyond our private group) to the entire Royal Caribbean ship in the huge, main theater. The reception was overwhelming as captured by another cruiser:

Here is what this year’s cruisers are saying about Acappella’s “Singing at Sea” vacation:

“A perfect blend of congregational singing and concerts. The best vacation of your life!” – Kristine

“Floating family reunion.” – Delisa

“It is amazing. Instant friends. Singing like never before. Lots of it. Concerts!” – Dee

“It’s heaven on water.” – Kymberlie

When we asked the cruisers whether they would prefer more concerts or more congregational singing, the overwhelming and positive answer was an equal amount of both. In addition to Acappella, we featured singing from the Lancasters, Messiah’s Men and Durant.

During our next cruise, everyone will have an optional excursion opportunity to sing with ACAPPELLA for the City of Angels children’s home in Cozumel, Mexico. Don’t miss this opportunity to sing with ACAPPELLA and tour this wonderful ministry.

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