Sign up today for an amazing singing vacation of a lifetime! Join us to sing for the City of Children as also enjoy congregational singing and amazing concerts. After the video, hear what one first time cruiser says about the experience.

Here’s what Michael C, a first-time cruiser says: “A month after my first Singing at Sea Cruise Vacation, I’ve now had time to process the experience and feel compelled to share my perspective about the trip to encourage others who enjoy singing to sign up for the 2018 event. It was a remarkable spiritual experience that was so much more than “a vacation.” I sang praises to God while sitting or standing next to some of the Acappella members (and many other incredibly awesome voices). I watched for any indication from them that my “talent” for average singing was annoying, but I saw not the slightest clue that they didn’t approve of my efforts to honor our God with my limited musical skill. Unexpectedly, this has encouraged me to sing more confidently (as well as more skillfully, I think) during worship with my church family each Sunday morning since returning home. I can’t explain it, but thanks to the gatherings we had on the ship to all sing together (and learn to do it better), I even find the words of our hymns and praise songs more meaningful now. Thanks, Keith and Sharon and so many others, for making all this possible. I’m sure God will find me a part to sing in Heaven (even if Rodney Britt can carry the bass section alone).

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