I’m exhausted, but in a very good way. Amarillo was our first concert that lasted over three and a half hours!

Perhaps it’s a good thing that I made an “on the spot” decision to cut about 30 minutes of what we had planned or the concert would have eclipsed four hours. Surprisingly, the concert attendees didn’t seem to mind one bit, seemingly ready to stay even longer.  I personally met Acappella enthusiasts who had flown to Amarillo just to attend the concert from several different states.

ACAPPELLA at Sound Check at Central Church of Christ

There were many firsts during this concert, and of course, a lot of fun moments. Here’s a clip we call, “Cinco de Baxio and Kevin,” or more descriptively, Five Basses and One Tenor. Sandy Denman captured this video on her cell phone of these guys singing the introduction to “When They Ring Those Golden Bells.”

Another segment of the concert featured a “living room” atmosphere, in which we brought the audience into one of Acappella’s rehearsals and played “Stump the (vocal) Band.”

We could have tripled our number for the reunion concert with talented vocalists from our 35 year history, but the stage could barely hold the ones who were present.

Every Acappella concert features a different combination of gifted vocalists who are, what we call, “Musicianaries.”

Hope to see you in Malibu on May 2, Detroit on October 21.  But by far, the best way to get to personally fellowship with Acappella, enjoy their concerts and stellar congregational singing is through Acappella’s “Singing At Sea” cruise. Sign up today.





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