Acappella sings “I’m At Your Mercy”

One of the favorite parts of Acappella’s anniversary homecoming concert involved a casual “surprise the vocal band” section of singing through snippets of various songs. Not knowing what was coming next, the vocalists chimed in once they heard which song was selected.  Robert Guy revisits his inspiring interpretation of “I’m At Your Mercy” in Amarillo, Texas.

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  1. Michelle Donner

    What a beautiful message, your invitation …one of my favorite verses is Zephaniah 3:17. I’ve joined you singing praises countless times over the years…your music and voices resonate in my soul. It almost feels like choir practice for Heaven! :). How would I go about bringing your wonderful voices to praise God in the church I attend? Many years ago I attended a few of your concerts and would love to share your ministry in our church!

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