Powerful Message about Acappella

What an encouraging message we received from Jose Walter Medina:

“Today I’m specially thankful for what the Lord has made with this wonderful group of men of God that have dedicated their lives to His service and the glory of His name.

They will never know how they impacted the live of a 14 years old silly boy that saved every penny to order their cassettes in a remote isolated island (back then) of the Caribbean and made everyone around him worship God though their amazing gifts.

Through your ministry, I got to understand the gospel better and to enjoy the joy of His word in a manner that has shaped my relationship with God until the end of days.

To be able to introduce you to my newly wife and to see her love you through my eyes is yet another token of His AMAZING GRACE. But to be able to look back and to see how God has kept this ministry, His ministry, how you have faithfully devoted your lives to His service and how he delights in furthering His Kingdom through ACAPPELLA… and that in the story of this silly boy, God wrote that he would yet meet Acapella, in his country, is not only humbling but undeserved grace.

Thank you God and thank you ACAPPELLA. If we don’t meet again in this life, we will surely worship Him together in heaven, for eternity.

We will never forget this astonishing night and your simple and genuine love for the souls and children of God.”

In his grace,
JWM & Mariel León Pimentel

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