Favorite Acappella Song Survey: #20 – #16

Photo: Acappella in concert in Manaus, Brazil, near the source of the Amazon River, singing “Everybody Said But Nobody Did.”

#20 Everybody Said (But Nobody Did)

Believe it or not, some of the best sushi I’ve found was in this “way-out-of-the-way” location in the heart of the Amazon. Everybody Said But Nobody Did also brings back memories of our last-minute video recorded for the Rescue album in St. Martin, with Gary Moyers (Mo) wearing a Batman t-shirt and I’m making a cameo appearance driving the vehicle that is transporting Acappella (but you have to look closely.) This song also appears on Live From Paris.

#19 Glory And Honor

When I first pitched this song to Acappella, it was rejected. The “contemporary worship music movement” was in its infancy and most of Acappella’s repertoire was designed for concert presentation; thus Glory And Honor was too out-of-the-ordinary for the guys to contemplate at that particular time. This song finally appeared on Acappella’s Heaven and Earth album and is now being sung in churches around the world after being recorded by the Praise & Harmony Singers for the Glorious God album, with sheet music and power point slides available.

#18  I’m At Your Mercy

Some vocalists have such a gift of interpreting songs that you will always associate the song with them. Robert Guy interprets I’m At Your Mercy in such a way on Beyond A Doubt album. At the time I wrote this song, there seemed to be nothing on the news except the ongoing O.J. Simpson trial. It was only last month that Acappella sang in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic for the first time, with this song being a crowd favorite. Although their native tongue is not English, they provided a back-up-choir for this very song.

#17  Teaching The Truth In Love

Originally inspired as a plea against self-righteousness, legalism and the spirit of harshly judging others, this song encourages us to study the Rabbi Jesus in learning how to interact with people. An original version of Teaching The Truth In Love featuring Steve Reischel was recorded for the Act Of God album, while Barry Wilson sings lead on The Collection album. We also have recorded videos featuring Steve Maxwell and Brishan Hatcher interpreting the lead vocal for The Acappella Company youtube channel.

#16  Amazing Grace

I had the privilege to stand in the very place where this song was written in the U.K.  It is interesting to note that although the author was ministering to a church, they were not allowed to sing Amazing Grace because it was a “new song’”. This song has appeared on multiple Acappella albums, including, Conquerors, Hymns For All The World and Live From Paris (which was recorded in my home town of Paris Tennessee, by the way.)  I love to hear our basses begin this song, while various veterans ad-lib the upbeat portion of the song.

What is your all-time favorite Acappella album? Please take this survey and we’ll announce the results soon.

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5 Responses
  1. Ed koschik

    How can I pick a favorite since I’ve heard and seen you from the time of transition from His Image to Acappella ? Your ongoing blessings to us all through the years is immeasurable and is not unnoticed.🙏👆

    1. Keith Lancaster

      Wow. That was before we changed the name to ACAPPELLA. You are talking a long time ago! Thanks for your kind words, Ed.

  2. Thomas Sutherlin

    Growing up with you guys its very difficult to pick a favorite. I still listen to Traveling Shoes as much as I listen to Radiance (admittedly the most recent one I’ve listened to). I’d say the ones where you’re singing scripture stick with me the most.

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