Favorite Acappella Song Survey: #15 – #11

#15 Shut De Do

This Randy Stonehill song is featured on Acappella’s Travelin’ Shoes album. Shut De Do harkens back to the days when A.V.B served as back-up singers for Acappella when Rodney Britt garnered Satan sun glasses and was harassed by A.V.B. during the concert. Some of the funniest moments resulted from comedian Kevin Schaffer’s routine, humorous noises, and his sternly shouting, “You better shut the door!” We have heard of families playing the so-called “Acappella game;’ when one person sings an Acappella song, the next person has to guess the next song on the album. Those are serious fans!

#14 Now To Him

One of the unique characteristics of our music is the priority of Scripture songs. We even have an entire album devoted to Scripture Songs called Word Of God Longplay. I cannot tell you how many times people inform us how they have memorized Scripture as a result of Acappella’s music. Now To Him features a musical round based on Ephesians 3:20, 21 and is included on the Growin’ Up In The Lord and Platinum albums. Acappella’s video channel has begun to feature “Song Spotlight Playlists” which are collections of multiple videos of a singular song, sometimes including other artists singing the song from around the world and often in different languages. We will be adding another video here soon.

#13 Walking That Line

The closing song of the Act Of God album is a very positive anthem for every disciple who is aware of their many shortcomings yet determined to follow the Good Shepherd. Kevin Schaffer’s soaring tenor voice is the perfect vehicle for delivering this hopeful message, reminding us to “keep on keeping on” in spite of life’s set backs. Walking That Line is a favorite of many Acappella fans, but happens to be one of those songs that is difficult to mimic.  I hope you get a chance to hear Kevin singing this song “live.”  Check out this video.

#12 Abba Father

Who would have thought that this song would strike such a chord to become The Acappella Company channel’s most popular video? Abba Father will forever be tied to Acappella’s life-changing trip to China, during which our vocalists fell in love with the people of China. Part of the All That I Need album, Abba Father is an intimate and desperate cry for help from people who find themselves in the depths of heartache and struggle. The world is full of suffering. God brings healing and peace.  Ken McCalpin is yet another Acappella vocalist whose voice amazingly covers the broad range of bass to lead vocals.

#11 Better Than Life

Speaking of desperate cries, the words of Psalm 63 speaks volumes: “Earnestly I seek you. My soul thirsts for you, My body longs for you as in a dry and weary land where there is no water.” The antidote to lukewarm Christianity is a whole-hearted desire to seek the face of God and to know His heart. Although this song is fan-favorite, Acappella has not included Better Than Life (from the album of the same title) in the regular concert lineup for 30 years. It resurfaced this year for our 35th-anniversary concerts for a special segment of multiple song snippets as we assemble in a casual cirlce and I extemporaneously surprise the singers by starting varioous songs – – a “stump the vocal band” if you will.  Check out this video in Santo Domingo.

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What favorite song did you choose and why? How long have you been listening to Acappella?  Please leave a comment.  Blessings!

What is your all-time favorite Acappella album? Please take this survey and we’ll announce the results soon.

9 Responses
  1. Celia

    I like them all. Too many to choose just one. I am still partial to Pleasing Him and the Weddin Song, This is your wedding day. I could go on and on.

  2. Michelle Donner

    Love your music…always brings me back to where my soul loves to be, close to the Lord. Your music fills my spirit. Many of my albums of Acapella are cassettes, some cds, but as long as my cassette player keeps working, I’ll be cranking your music. Thank you all for being faithful and sharing your beautiful voices to bring together a chorus from all over the world to sing for His praise and glory.❤️👍🏻

  3. Deb Mason Cochran

    My favorite: Angels Long to Look (Into these Things). My dad passed away unexpectedly in the mid-1990s and this song spoke to my heart during that period of grief. I realized that my dad understood, from beyond the grave, many of the mysteries that angels long to look into.

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