Acappella Favorite Album #10 – Better Than Life

So what is up with this cover? Many humorously labeled it the “Ghostbusters” cover.

This album was recorded in a time of great transition for Acappella. The eclectic mix of songs range from the tender “Lay Down The Burdens Of Your Heart,” the evangelistic “The Time Has Come,” the hopeful “When I Say Farewell,” the unsettling “What Was I Supposed To Be,” the worshipful “How Majestic Is Your Name,” the storytelling “Jesus Gave Her Water,” the funky “Rock A My Soul,” the passionate Psalm 63 title song “Better Than Life,” the affirmation of the humble, compassionate servant-God “More Than A Friend” along with a song that was seemingly written for today’s headlines “Let’s Get Together.”

What is your favorite song on this album?  Which message resonates with you most?

5 Responses
  1. Diego Lahos França

    Although it was not my choice of favorite album (the formation and lyrics of the Beyoubd a Doubt to me is unbeatable) the Better than Life song has been of great help and comfort in my current cancer treatment, the great joy and hope of knowing that His love is better than life itself gives me strength to keep the fight with praising lips.

    I have even tried to record my own (worse and unfinished) version of it:

    I was hoping to correct the many mistakes on this humble attempt, but in the last surgery to remove my tumors my voice was deeply affected, so it will have to wait a little.

    Thank Keith and all of Acappella ministers for spreading the word of God trough the excellence of you work and harmony, you may have no idea of its influence and range, but I can be a testimony here in Brazil of how God is been using you guys!

    God bless you all!

    1. Keith Lancaster

      Thank you for sharing your kind thoughts, Diego. We wish you the best as you deal with cancer and as you continue praising the One whose love is better than life. – Psalm 63

  2. Jessica

    I remember the first time I heard “What Was I Supposed To Be”. I was about 9 years old. For some reason that song hit my heart hard. My mother had me at 19 and was single. There were a lot of her friends and even some family members that had chose to not have their children. I don’t think at that time I thought so deeply of the song but it was very meaningful to me. I am glad that I was given the opportunity to be the person God has blessed me to be because my mother decided my life was worth more than her embarrassment.
    I have not found a cure for any terrible disease but I try to share The Gospel daily. Thank you for this song and album.

    1. Keith Lancaster

      We are touched and thankful that you shared your encouraging story, Jessica! Keep sharing the “good news.”