Acappella Favorite Album #9 – Travelin’ Shoes

How many people have told me that they own boots that look like this? More than you can imagine.

This album represented another transitional time for Acappella with an evolving, yet very organic sound.  What is your favorite from this album and why?  We’d love to hear your thoughts.



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  1. Danna Frost

    When my boys were toddlers, this cassette tape was magic at calming them during car trips. Tears would turn to quiet in moments after popping it in. Over time we went thru 2 copies on tape then bought a CD. Shut de Do references still come up in conversation even all these years later. Think Travelin’ Shoes would hit No 1 on my top 10 list.

    1. Keith Lancaster

      I believe the results could be regional. I did a P&H workshop southwest of Fort Worth, and even after 30 plus years, I was overwhelmed by how many people told me that Travelin’ Shoes is their all-time favorite Acappella album.

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