Acappella Favorite Album #7 – The Collection

Acappella’s first compilation is appropriately entitled The Collection. Featuring some of the favorite songs recorded by Acappella over the years, it also includes a medley of a number of songs along with some re-recordings.

Did any of you first become acquainted with Acappella via this collection?

What was your first Acappella album to hear? Is the first Acappella album that you heard your favorite one?

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  1. Chad Evans

    I was an intern with Acappella when this album was being finished up. It was released while I was still interning. I had the pleasure of getting to help mix a few songs as well as layer some claps for a couple songs that were recorded for the release. That whole experience was a blessing for me ad very memorable time in my life. In fact when my friends get tired of hearing the phrase “back when I toured with Acappella.” LOL!

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