Acappella Favorite Album #3 – Rescue

Although the title song hit the number one spot on our Favorite Acappella Song Survey, the album Rescue comes in at #3 on the Favorite Album Survey.

Again, we rediscover timeless messages in songs, many that apply to today’s headlines. That They May All Be One is based upon a prayer of Jesus recorded in Scripture. Everybody Said But Nobody Did is a light-hearted example of the diversity of moods represented.

I often think about the new Christian who shared this story with us many years ago. After reading the Scriptural account of the Transfiguration for the first time, she was astonished to find that story in the Bible, after first hearing the narrative in an Acappella song!

Is your favorite album the very first one that you heard, or is your favorite because it’s tied to some event or period in your life?

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  1. This was the first CD I ever owned… in fact, the first piece of music, period. It transformed me and developed a love for vocal music that remains to this day. It affected me so much that as I grew up and developed a business trade, I wanted to use that trade to help out the very company that blessed me so many years back and I ended up doing all of their web design for 5 years. 🙂

  2. Bruno

    This was my 1st contact with Acappella, hearing this album. It was in 1994 at my Church here in Rio. Me and some young guys who loved a cappella music were encouraged and decided to create a quartet. Today our group was discontinued but everytime I hear those songs… Makes me travel back to a great time in my life. I don’t know If You Keith can imagine How blessed we are with all Acappella music!

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