Top Ten Acappella Favorite Albums Countdown

#10 – Better Than Life

So what is up with this cover? Many humorously labeled it the “Ghostbusters” cover.

This album was recorded in a time of great transition for Acappella. The eclectic mix of songs range from the tender “Lay Down The Burdens Of Your Heart,” the evangelistic “The Time Has Come,” the hopeful “When I Say Farewell,” the unsettling “What Was I Supposed To Be,” the worshipful “How Majestic Is Your Name,” the storytelling “Jesus Gave Her Water,” the funky “Rock A My Soul,” the passionate Psalm 63 title song “Better Than Life,” the affirmation of the humble, compassionate servant-God “More Than A Friend” along with a song that was seemingly written for today’s headlines “Let’s Get Together.”

What is your favorite song on this album?  Which message resonates with you most?

#9 – Travelin’ Shoes

How many people have told me that they own boots that look like this? More than you can imagine.

This album represented another transitional time for Acappella with an evolving, yet very organic sound.  What is your favorite from this album and why?  We’d love to hear your thoughts.

#8 – Beyond A Doubt

Someone may correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this cover was shot at Fort Nashville, with a wide-angle lens.

Some of the songs from this album are still concert favorites, including “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” and “I’m At Your Mercy.”   You may already know that the original O.J. Simpson trial was happening when “I’m At Your Mercy” was written.  Very fitting for today’s headlines as O.J. is in the news again with his release from prison. “If There Were No God” featured one of the most complicated arrangements of any Acappella tune ever, but very pleasing. I love hearing groups sing that song in other languages.

What is your favorite song on this album?

#7 The Collection

Acappella’s first compilation is appropriately entitled The Collection. Featuring some of the favorite songs recorded by Acappella over the years, it also includes a medley of a number of songs along with some re-recordings.

Did any of you first become acquainted with Acappella via this collection?

What was your first Acappella album to hear? Is the first Acappella album that you heard your favorite one?

#6 We Have Seen His Glory

The cover was taken at Paris Landing State Park in Paris, Tennessee, my hometown and long-time headquarters for Acappella Ministries.

This album includes several Scripture songs for which Acappella has become known. Sing To The Glory, Glory In His Name, Angels Long To Look Into These Things as well as To Him Who Sits On The Throne.

In writing “We Have Seen His Glory” I recall seeking to go beyond the oversimplified, predictable arrangements to try more interesting directions with the verses.

Which is your favorite song?

#5 Act Of God

Teaching The Truth In Love has endured as a concert favorite, while countless people speak of being deeply moved by the Walking That Line. This album is very special because of the influence of our late friend, Gary Miller. Let There Be Love is another song that is timeless and appropriate for our times. And They Praised God addresses the various ways in which our example and message might be received in different settings.

What song from Act Of God touches you the most?

#4 Conquerors

This album cover was created by John Laws, who also served as a recording engineer for many of Acappella’s albums. Did any of you see the multi-projector, multi-screen concert media productions that John produced for those concerts in the ’80’s? At one time, we utilized 16 projectors and 3 12′ screens side by side.

This basic approach to a cappella arranging on this album became a favorite among Acappella fans who are encouraged by the message of songs such as, Army Of The Lord, We Will Glorify and John The Revelator.

As we have counted down the survey results of favorite albums #10 through #4, which three albums do you believe will be the top three and in what order?  #3?  #2?  #1?

#3 Rescue

Although the title song hit the number one spot on our Favorite Acappella Song Survey, the album Rescue comes in at #3 on the Favorite Album Survey.

Again, we rediscover timeless messages in songs, many that apply to today’s headlines. That They May All Be One is based upon a prayer of Jesus recorded in Scripture. Everybody Said But Nobody Did is a light-hearted example of the diversity of moods represented.

I often think about the new Christian who shared this story with us many years ago. After reading the Scriptural account of the Transfiguration for the first time, she was astonished to find that story in the Bible, after first hearing the narrative in an Acappella song!

Is your favorite album the very first one that you heard, or is your favorite because it’s tied to some event or period in your life?

#2 Set Me Free

This cover was taken on the California coastline. Perhaps someone can tell me exactly where this is?

The laughing at the beginning of Only Truth is genuine and caught as an outtake. I love to utilize the “choir back up” on songs like Lead Me To Rest and Set Me Free as it gives the music a much bigger presence. An Acappella album would not be complete without Scripture songs. I believe this one is my favorite album, although it did not make the top of the list in this survey.

Which song is your favorite?

And now for #1, according to our survey – Sweet Fellowship

A collection of some of the simplest arrangments, these songs seem to be covered by groups around the world more than most other albums. Perhaps it is because the simple four-part arrangments are the easiest to duplicate with four people who love to sing, no matter where they are or what language they speak.

Were you surprised that this was the top choice? Which are your thoughts?

1 Response
  1. Rick

    I picked Sweet Fellowship for #1. It was the album being promoted when I saw Acappella in concert, and I have every song, and most of the parts, memorized. It is by far my favorite album. I have Acappella Platinum, Rescue, and The Collection, and yet, I go back to Sweet Fellowship again and again.