Acappella Members

pageAcappellaMembersGuess who’s back. In Acappella, that is.

Whoever just came to mind, chances are you may have the opportunity to hear that person sing in an upcoming Acappella event near you. We call it the Legacy Project.

We all have our favorite Acappella singers. With a career spanning over three decades, the group has produced more than its fair share standout performers. The best part? We’re bringing them back.

A new album and new concerts are in the pipeline, and we’re utilizing the best of the best from Acappella‘s 30-year ministry to make them happen.

Recent events have featured George Pendergrass, Gary Moyers, Rodney Britt, Robert Guy, Jeremy Swindle, Aaron Herman, Ken McAlpin, Nicolas Dunbar, Brishan Hatcher, Matt Nunnally, Robin Brannon, Zachary Wilson, Jabbarri Jones, Anthony Lancaster and Wes McKinzie, just to name a few! And there’s more to come.

So watch for an Acappella event near you. You never know who might show up.