Keith Lancaster

FAITHFUL GOD features 25 Songs of Worship

Now available, Faithful God features 25 songs of worship with an additional bonus ear-training disc to equip every believer to worship in harmony.
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Top Twenty Favorite Acappella Songs Countdown

Photo: Acappella in concert in Manaus, Brazil, near the source of the Amazon River, singing “Everybody Said But Nobody Did.” #20 Everybody Said (But Nobody Did) Believe it or not, some of the best sushi I’ve found was in this “way-out-of-the-way” location in the heart of the Amazon. Everybody Said But Nobody Did also brings...
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Favorite Acappella Song Survey #5 – #1

In case you missed #20 – #6, you can catch up on those in the previous posts. Before we list the top five favorite Acappella songs, here are three that did not make the top 20, but almost did: Honorable Mention: La Song La Song was a novel idea to write a song for the...
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Favorite Acappella Song Survey: #10 – #6

#10 Well On My Way The story behind Well On My Way always makes us laugh. Acappella was sound checking for a youth rally in central Arkansas when I pitched another song idea to the guys. The lyrics were, “Listen well I’m on my way, I’m singing every day . . . “ in a...
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Come Join Us! – Our Schedule

Make plans to join us at one or more of these places: June 26-29 Red River, NM Praise & Harmony Sep 5 Cullman, AL SongFest Sep 18-19 Woodsfield, OH Praise & Harmony Sep 29 Huntsville, AL Night of Worship with Keith Lancaster Sep 30, Oct 1 Granbury, TX Praise & Harmony Oct 2-3 Jonesboro, AR...
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