Announcing the Acappella 40th Anniversary Reunion Concert

The year 2022 marks 40 years of ACAPPELLA. 40 years of incredible vocalists. 40 years of concerts and tours. 40 years of praising God with our voices. 40 years after it all began, we are going to celebrate! This monumental reunion concert will feature many of the voices who have been part of this 40-year...
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Worship Leader Institute

Many song leaders have some ability but have had no training in song leading. Your church will be greatly blessed if you invest in training for your gifted leaders. This is a gift that keeps on giving! Make the investment in training your song leader by sending him to the week of Men’s Leadership Bootcamp...
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Virtual Choir Medley 2.0

2020 brought many challenges and required a lot of creativity. We debuted our first-ever virtual choir medley in November, and it was so much fun we’re ready to do it again! If you’re a talented Christian singer interested in joining a diverse group of people for an ambitious singing project, please join us. Details can...
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Audition for Next Praise and Harmony Recording

We are accepting video auditions for our upcoming in-person recording. We will be recording 25 contemporary songs from December 28-January 1 in Abilene, TX. This recording will be TWO YEARS after our last full group recording project, and we are thrilled to resume. If you have or can assemble an SATB quartet, we encourage you...
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Heavenly Worship in Edmonton, Canada

We cannot fully describe the beautiful fellowship, singing and worship we are experiencing in Edmonton, Canada! Minister, Larry Boswell has also been part of “The Promise” cast in Branson, MO and has delivered good news to China with his wife, Karen and served other churches as a minister. These four days of singing and worship...
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Racial Tensions: Church, Wake Up!

We claim to follow Jesus. We strive to be like Jesus. Then, why is there so much alienation and segregation when it comes to the church?  In so many situations, local churches do not reflect the communities in which they serve. I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that we should be making...
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Singing Cruise Vacation with Acappella featuring Cruiser’s Photos

My wife, Sharon and I love cruise vacations, and have sailed on and hosted many. However, my favorite cruises have always been the ones that include a large group of Christians. The fellowship is amazing! In fact, we have so much fun within our private party, which is a subgroup of a larger group of passengers...
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Sneak Preview of Brand New Release “Exalted God”

The production process of a Praise & Harmony a cappella worship album is both tedious and time consuming. After combining the voices and multiple takes from the several-day recording session in the hot Texas summer, final edits and mixes require hours of studio work to complete. One of the final steps finds me going into...
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Jerry Rushford on Timeless Hymns

If you’ve never heard Jerry Rushford share the historical backgrounds of favorite hymns, you have missed a special treat. My bucket list includes joining a trip to the U.K. with Dr. Rushford, who hosts hymn tours to the U.K.  Recently, Rushford appeared on CBS’s Sunday Morning in this clip: Our children were blessed to be in England...
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