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Worship Leader Institute

Many song leaders have some ability but have had no training in song leading. Your church will be greatly blessed if you invest in training for your gifted leaders. This is a gift that keeps on giving! Make the investment in training your song leader by sending him to the week of Men’s Leadership Bootcamp […]

Virtual Choir Medley 2.0

2020 brought many challenges and required a lot of creativity. We debuted our first-ever virtual choir medley in November, and it was so much fun we’re ready to do it again! If you’re a talented Christian singer interested in joining a diverse group of people for an ambitious singing project, please join us. Details can […]

Audition for Next Praise and Harmony Recording

We are accepting video auditions for our upcoming in-person recording. We will be recording 25 contemporary songs from December 28-January 1 in Abilene, TX. This recording will be TWO YEARS after our last full group recording project, and we are thrilled to resume. If you have or can assemble an SATB quartet, we encourage you […]

Acappella Favorite Album #3 – Rescue

Although the title song hit the number one spot on our Favorite Acappella Song Survey, the album Rescue comes in at #3 on the Favorite Album Survey. Again, we rediscover timeless messages in songs, many that apply to today’s headlines. That They May All Be One is based upon a prayer of Jesus recorded in […]

Acappella Favorite Album #4 – Conquerors

This album cover was created by John Laws, who also served as a recording engineer for many of Acappella’s albums. Did any of you see the multi-projector, multi-screen concert media productions that John produced for those concerts in the ’80’s? At one time, we utilized 16 projectors and 3 12′ screens side by side. This […]