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3 Easy Steps To Teach Your Church New Songs

Teaching new songs is immensely easier than you imagined! How encouraging to receive this message from a teenage song leader who used our simple 3-step method to introduce new songs to his church.  Here is his message: “Hi! My name is _______ and I am 16 and attend the _______ church in Oklahoma. I got […]

Powerful Message about Acappella

What an encouraging message we received from Jose Walter Medina: “Today I’m specially thankful for what the Lord has made with this wonderful group of men of God that have dedicated their lives to His service and the glory of His name. They will never know how they impacted the live of a 14 years […]

The Future of Acappella

Each and every Acappella concert is a unique, never-before-assembled combination of Acappella veteran vocalists, who blend their voices and their hearts to deliver good news in song. Stunning harmonies are offered through energetic presentations pointing to the One from whom all blessings flow. Every concert is truly an amazing experience! This year’s Singing At Sea […]

Acappella sings “I’m At Your Mercy”

One of the favorite parts of Acappella’s anniversary homecoming concert involved a casual “surprise the vocal band” section of singing through snippets of various songs. Not knowing what was coming next, the vocalists chimed in once they heard which song was selected.  Robert Guy revisits his inspiring interpretation of “I’m At Your Mercy” in Amarillo, […]

Acappella’s 35th Anniversary Concert in Amarillo

I’m exhausted, but in a very good way. Amarillo was our first concert that lasted over three and a half hours! Perhaps it’s a good thing that I made an “on the spot” decision to cut about 30 minutes of what we had planned or the concert would have eclipsed four hours. Surprisingly, the concert […]

If Every Day Was Sunday

If every day was Sunday, I’d want to keep on singing. If you have not experienced vibrant, fully-participatory singing in the midst of a loving assembly, you are missing out on a beautiful preview of heaven! Your voice is important to God and to fellow believers, even if you have zero musical ability. Don’t wait […]

Singing At Sea with Acappella

Sign up today for an amazing singing vacation of a lifetime! Join us to sing for the City of Children as also enjoy congregational singing and amazing concerts. After the video, hear what one first time cruiser says about the experience. Here’s what Michael C, a first-time cruiser says: “A month after my first Singing […]