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The Beauty of A cappella Music

Countless times I’ve heard the question, “Aren’t you the group who prefers worship without music?”   Without “music”?  I understand what they mean, but I’m reminded again of the incomparable beauty of vocal “music.” This common question makes me appreciate the repeated choice of words by an instrumentalist who was exposed to beautiful a cappella […]

Lively Praise in Laurel, Maryland

The Laurel Church is certainly alive with praise as they prioritize worship and the introducing of new songs. No congregation that we have worked with through Praise & Harmony Workshops has learned more songs than this church. “Some think singing is for singers.  Singing is for believers!” declared Michael Ray, preaching about the privilege that everyone […]

Mobilizing Praise in Mansfield, Texas

It was our second Praise & Harmony Workshop in Mansfield, Texas, building upon the momentum of the previous year’s weekend experience.  Here are some of the many things that the Mansfield Church covered very well: 1. The church mobilized all their members to understand the value of participation. 2. Through singing classes, the Mansfield Church […]

Beyond Vicarious Worship

Vicarious adjective: “Experienced in the imagination through the feelings or actions of another person.” Recently a friend shared something very special with me. He has a family member whose singing voice can only be described as discordant, lacking all qualities of what most would call “beautiful.” This family member sings out with abandon, however, and by […]