On-Location Recording

2022 Recordings To Be Scheduled

We have closed auditions for our upcoming in-person Praise & Harmony recording. This recording session will take place December 28, 2021- January 1, 2022, in Abilene, TX. We will be recording 25 contemporary worship songs during this recording session, all a cappella, of course!

Keep checking back to this page to learn when we announce our 2022 recordings.

If you are a talented, experienced singer who knows how to read music and is willing to commit to numerous rehearsals, we encourage you to assemble or join a quartet of other such singers and audition to be a part of this project! Be sure to read all of the information on this page, as it will help you better prepare for your audition and know what to expect if your quartet is accepted.

Important information about the audition process:

Over the years (16 to be precise), Praise & Harmony has grown and changed. In the beginning, it was primarily an audio ministry meant to help preserve four-part a cappella harmony in churches and provide training materials that utilize easy methods so that everyone, even beginners, can learn to sing. The goal remains the same, but video has become an important element of this ministry. Because of this, we are now only accepting video auditions rather than audio-only auditions. This helps us to evaluate visual expressiveness in addition to pitch, blend, and musical accuracy.

Your entire quartet must also commit to coming to the recording in Abilene. We cannot accept partial quartets for the audition OR the recording session. This helps us to keep our voice parts evenly balanced. Rehearsing as a full quartet also provides accountability, group feedback, and more intense practice sessions that allow the individuals in those quartets to be better prepared for our recording session.

Audition tips:

  1. Practice, practice, practice! Take time to learn the music and rehearse both individually and as a quartet. We recommend that you memorize the audition piece so that you can look at the camera rather than a piece of paper for you audition.
  2. At the beginning of your audition video, please state your location, and have each singer state their name, church affiliation, and voice part.
  3. Be sure to sing the entire song together and make sure that we can hear each vocal part clearly with no special effects added.
  4. Focus on BLEND! When we have a large group of singers, the ability to blend is vital!
  5. No “scooping” at the beginning of notes or phrases.
  6. Eliminate vibrato. With a large group of singers, we achieve a cleaner sound without vibrato.
  7. Be expressive! Your audition video will be evaluated alongside the audio. We’d love to have singers who are expressive with their face and body while singing! If you’re singing about the goodness of our God, we want to see it in your facial expressions while we hear it in your voice!

If you are approved:

If your quartet is accepted as part of our December recording, you will be notified no later than August 7th, 2021. Sheet music and rehearsal tracks will be provided at that time, and each quartet member will be required to sign a release form. More details will be provided once your quartet is accepted.

Expectations for those who attend the recording session:

Remember that we require your full SATB quartet to attend the recording session. We expect quartets to rehearse TOGETHER frequently before the recording session. We recommend 1-2 hours a week for full-quartet rehearsals. It is also expected that individual singers will practice on their own between full quartet rehearsals.

We expect that you will have memorized much of the music through rehearsal before the recording session. The music (including lyrics) will be projected on a screen to be sure everyone is together. However, you will find that you are more confident and joyful in your singing if you are thoroughly familiar with the music ahead of time and not strictly relying on the projected music.

During the recording session, everyone will be divided into voice part sections (Sopranos, Altos, Tenors, Basses). You must stay in your section and stay out of other voice part sections during recording. It’s also important to note that there will be no voice part swapping. For example, if you auditioned as a soprano, you need to continue singing soprano and stay in the soprano section throughout the recording session. After the audio recording is complete, we will combine all singers to record videos. Only auditioned, approved singers will be allowed in these closed recording sessions.

As we near the recording dates, information will be provided about hotels near our recording location. Some meals will be provided during the sessions. Each singer will be responsible for securing their own housing and any meals that aren’t otherwise provided.

Each singer needs to bring an AM/FM radio receiver, earbuds, and a refillable water bottle (no disposables). We will provide more details on these items to those who are approved. As we get closer to the recording date, we will also provide guidelines for what to wear on specific recording dates.

Remember that singing at this recording session is a volunteer position, and no monetary compensation will be provided. We are incredibly grateful to all who are willing to volunteer their time and talents for this important ministry!

If you are not approved:

Because we have limited space, not every quartet will be approved. It is likely that many excellent quartets will not be able to participate this time. If your quartet is not approved, be sure to stay “in the loop” through our email newsletter and consider auditioning again next time.

Virtual Choir Medley

Whether your quartet is approved to attend our in-person recording or not, please join us for our next virtual choir medley. We’re seeking a diverse group of Christian singers from all over the world for this project, and we’d love to have you! You can find details here.

If you have any questions about the audition process, please contact us at pandhrecording@acappella.com

We look forward to seeing your auditions!