The Praise & Harmony Series Collection

Purchase the complete collection of 22 Praise & Harmony Series albums, including the newest album “Victorious God”, for just $330 or the complete 21 DVD or Digital Video collections for $525, or the 21 Slides Collection for $1,470. That’s 525 songs, plus 525 training versions, for a total of 1050 unique tracks and over 40 hours of continuous Acappella Praise & Harmony. (Included albums: Awesome God, Glorious God, Holy God, Only God, Reigning God, Mighty God, Everlasting God, Righteous God, Jehovah God, Savior God, Exalted God, Wonderful God, Faithful God, Beautiful God, Resurrecting God, Ever Present God, Compassionate God, Worthy God, Heavenly God, Majestic God, Loving God, and Victorious God)

PH Collection -- 20DG -- Praise & Harmony 20 Digital Album Bundle
PH Collection -- 20DG -- Praise & Harmony 20 Digital Album Bundle
Price: $399.00
Price: $300.00
PH Collection -- 23CD -- Praise & Harmony 23 CD Bundle
Price: $345.00

PH Collection -- 23DG -- Praise & Harmony 23 Digital Album Bundle
Price: $345.00

PH Collection -- 21DVD -- Praise & Harmony 21 DVD Bundle
Price: $525.00

PH Collection -- 21DVDL -- Praise & Harmony 21 Digital Video Bundle
Price: $525.00

PH Collection -- 21PP -- Praise & Harmony 21 Slides Bundle
Price: $1,470.00

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