Worship Leader Institute

Worship Leader Institute – June 1-7, 2024

We are excited to announce that Worship Leader Institute 2024 will be hosted by the Collegeside Church of Christ in Cookeville, Tennessee!  The week of the Institute will feature a regional SongFest and multi-cultural Sunday celebration that is open to the public.

What’s a song leader to do? For decades there have been scarcely any opportunities to study a cappella worship leading in an academic setting. Only in the past few years have universities begun instituting degrees in worship music. And even these programs won’t give you the secrets of the worship leaders who get invited to the big conferences – the ones who light up the room and get everyone singing. Such courses can’t because they’re concentrated on Bible and music fluency almost exclusively. And who’s got four years to invest, anyway? You want to give your best for God and your congregation, but you’ve got to lead worship now.

Robert King teaches a session

What if you could get all of these secrets in a week? Sound like a great opportunity? That’s what Keith Lancaster, founder of Acappella Ministries, has created with The Worship Leader Institute: The world’s premier training resource for comprehensive a cappella worship education.

How are we able to load so much content into one week? It’s simple because many of the secrets themselves are simple. In fact, subconsciously, you already know much of what makes for powerful, charismatic worship leading. It’s a matter of putting in the right effort and being coached in that effort.

To unlock your potential as a worship leader, you need to:


  1. Learn the fundamentals, so you know what to practice.
  2. Find a safe, comfortable outlet to practice and practice.
  3. Get feedback from experts and peers.
  4. Repeat.

The Worship Leader Institute uses this four-tiered structure and only includes the most relevant principles for worship leaders. This helps us cover a lot more ground in a lot less time. The time may be brief, but please understand that this is an advanced course for those willing to dedicate themselves to intensive coursework. We explore nearly every facet of what a worship leader does and what a worship leader needs. And it turns out, it’s a lot more than just starting and leading songs.

Worship leader Institute takes a holistic approach and covers topics like:

  • Bible study
  • Scripture memorization and recitation
  • Facial expressions and eye contact
  • Microphone technique
  • Stage presence and body language
  • Directing
  • Public prayer
  • Transitions
  • Breath control
  • Tempo management and dynamics
  • Extended Rests, holds, and cut-offs
  • And more!

Camaraderie is an integral component of your success at the Institute. As such, we encourage bonding through paired exercises and shared meals. After the Institute is over, you will be added to a private networking group for alumni, allowing you to utilize other students’ experiences and feedback well into the future. We feel this network is one of the most valuable ongoing resources provided.

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“It was more challenging than any business seminar. The experience greatly exceeded my expectations.” – Joe Lennon, former president of Fidelity retail distribution, Mansfield, Massachusetts

“This is probably the most rewarding experience I’ve had in my life.” – Mark Shinnerer, a five year student from the Sunset Church in Carlsbad, New Mexico.

Most recent comments include these glowing comments:

“This has been the greatest experience of my life!”

“This is a defining experience in my life and has touched me to the core . . .”